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Bust of Socrates Marble Statue | Eleganza

Bust of Socrates Marble Statue | Eleganza

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6" High

Weight: 2 lbs

Bonded Italian Alabaster Marble

Safe for Outdoor Use

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Philosopher Socrates bust made from bonded alabaster and mounted to a genuine alabaster base. The sculptor is A. Giannelli has carved the true to life features of Socrates and yet we can see his gentle soul. Socrates was born near Athens in 469 BC and was put to death in 399 BC. Initially, Socrates worked with his father as a sculptor until his pursuit of the truth through his own thinking changed everything for him and mankind. Socrates was Plato's mentor. Socrates had an early receding hairline, craggy face, blunt nose, and kind attentive piercing eyes. He wore old ragged garments and preferred to walk bare foot. Even though Socrates seemed eccentric, he was very social and caring, mixing humor with wisdom at gatherings. Socrates did not hesitate to challenge much of the thinking of the time and especially the wrong-doing in government, his challenge was mostly in the form of questions. It was his courage that caused him to be indicted on charges of corrupting the minds of the young. He refused to defend himself and was sentenced to death.