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Diana Bust 21.5" High in Italian Marble | Eleganza

Diana Bust 21.5" High in Italian Marble | Eleganza

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12" Wide X 8" Deep X 21.5" High

Weight: 36 lbs

Bonded Italian Alabaster Marble

Safe for Outdoor Use

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Diana sculptural bust is truly a awe-inspiring sculpture. This Bust Of Diana The Huntress (4th century B.C.) Like its companion piece, the Bust Of Apollo, the statue is considered to be the work of the Athenian sculptor, Leochares, Diana was the Roman name for the Grecian goddess Artemis. She is often represented as a huntress with bow and quiver on her shoulder and a dog or deer at her side. The Greeks worshiped Artemis as the goddess of chastity and the guardian of youths and maidens, She also came to be looked upon as the moon goddess, just as her twin brother Apollo was viewed as the sun-god. Probably the finest representation of her handsome features was in this statue which was found in the villa of the Emperor Hadrian at Tivoli near Rome. It is now in the museum of the Louvre. Base is 7 diam. This is made of the highest quality of bonded Alabaster and is mounted to a genuine alabaster base. The detail and the quality of this Diana bust is unmatched. You will be please to have this lovely, powerful Diana bust displayed in your home, gallery or garden.