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Discobolos Sculpture By Myron 18.5" High | Eleganza

Discobolos Sculpture By Myron 18.5" High | Eleganza

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12" W X 6" D X 18.5" High

Weight: 15 lbs

Bonded Italian Alabaster Marble

Safe for Outdoor Use

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Discobolus Sculpture replica (450 B.C.) by Myron, in the Museo Nazionale Romano, Rome. If one searched for classic and Greek, he'd be hard pressed to find a more perfect example than this foot-and-a-half tall discus thrower. Revered for its nu-flawed symmetry, this ancient replica, cast in bonded marble and imported from Italy and hand finished, boasts vigorous movement in a perfect male form. Flexed muscles and concentrated expression create the impression of a tightly stretched bow the moment before release. This one is the real deal, imported from Italy and NO fig leaf. This Discus Thrower statue will accent any home gallery. Base is 6 D x 7.5 W. From the Disc to front of head is 12".