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Dying Slave Bust Marble Michelangelo Statue | Eleganza

Dying Slave Bust Marble Michelangelo Statue | Eleganza

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14" W x 9" D x 17" High

Weight: 36 lbs

Bonded Italian Alabaster Marble

Safe for Outdoor Use

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One of the sculptor Michelangelo's greatest creations, this classic statue of the head dying slave, expresses the soul's struggle for freedom. Magnificently sculpted for the tomb of Pope Julius II in 1513. The project was never completed. In 1546, Michelangelo gave this nude male statue along with its companion statue, the Rebellious Slave, to Ruberto Strozzi, who in turn presented them to King Francois I of France. A distinctive addition to your home or gallery, our exclusive work echoes the fine sculptures seen on European homes. One of the sculptor's greatest creations, the figure of Moses was intended for the tomb and was actually finished, a few others including Victory and The Dying Slave were almost finished. Some, called Captive, were left half emerging from the stone. The Dying Slave, like the other captive figures, expresses a vain struggle for freedom of the soul. The sinuous figure, constricted by tight bonds, seems to struggle with almost serpentine grace to free itself. The opposing triangles formed by the arms and the bent knee are the principal elements of the design. The hardness of stone is concealed in the subtle modeling of the figure whose grace of body and muscle is reminiscent of Praxiteles. This captive bust is made of bonded alabaster from the world renowned Egregia studio and is mounted to a museum wood base. One photo shows a plaque on the front and does not come with it. Photos do not do this piece justice, this is better in person.