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Flight Into Egypt Marble Statue | Eleganza

Flight Into Egypt Marble Statue | Eleganza

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8.5" W x 5" D x 10.5" High

Weight: 6 lbs

Bonded Italian Alabaster Marble

Safe for Outdoor Use

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Flight Into Egypt 10.5" Sculpture - The earthly father of Jesus Christ, Joseph, leads his wife and son on a donkey to safety in Egypt. From the 14th Century and forward, the Flight became a popular theme in Western art. Painters such as Caravaggio, Van Dyck, and Rembrandt took up the motif, as did weavers, stone carvers and wood carvers. The figurines are composed of alabaster dust mixed with a durable binding compound, each detail is finished with care by the artisans of Italy's Egregia Workshop. Mounted on a edged alabaster base. The flight into Egypt is a biblical event as described in the Gospel of

Matthew. Joseph was told by an angel in a dream to flee Egypt with Mary

and infant son Jesus, as King Herod intended to kill all the infants of

that are