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Josephine Beuharnais Bust 14" | Eleganza

Josephine Beuharnais Bust 14" | Eleganza

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8.5" Wide X 6" Deep X 14" High

Weight: 10 lbs

Bonded Italian Alabaster Marble

Safe for Outdoor Use

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Josephine Beuharnais Bust 14" is composed of alabaster dust mixed with a durable binding compound, each detail is finished with care by the artisans of Italy's Egregia Workshop. Mounted on a solid alabaster base. Josephine Beauharnais was vivacious, witty, charming, beautiful, and intelligent which is captured in this sculptured marble bust. When Napoleon elevated Josephine to the position of Empress, she played her role with graciousness and charming elegance. Josephine Bonaparte dark side was she was uneducated, wildly extravagant and unfaithful, yet Napoleon loved her until his death. Josephine Beuharnais, the Empress of France and wife of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, live a life of highs and lows her entire life.Born in the West Indies as Marie-Rose de Tascher de la Pagerie, she married Vicomte Alexandre Beauharnais of nobility and had two children, Eugene and Hortense. Josephine's husband executed during the Revolution. After Josephine's husbands death she became a socialite without equal. Josephine Beauharnais became a mistress to several leading political figures until she meet General Napoleon Bonaparte leaving him completely smitten on their first meeting. Josephine and Napoleon was married in 1796. Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte became a good stepfather to her children. Empress Josephine Bonaparte continued to have regular affairs with other men and almost ended in divorce in 1799. Sadly, Josephine was unable to give Napoleon children which he needed to secure the succession to the crown. So despite Bonaparte's love for her, he finally divorced her in 1809. To cover her pain after the divorce Josephine devoted her time to gardens and her love of botany and her last years at Malmaison were productive. Bonaparte never got over divorcing Josephine and his last words were: France, the army, Josephine. She died in 1814, a woman much loved by the people. Josephine Beauharnais (1763-1814) Empress of France.