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Nike Of Samothrace / Winged Victory 16" | Eleganza

Nike Of Samothrace / Winged Victory 16" | Eleganza

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12" W X 8" D X 16" High

Weight: 15 lbs

Bonded Italian Alabaster Marble

Safe for Outdoor Use

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Nike Of Samothrace or Winged Victory 16" High Sculpture - Often called the Winged Victory, the imposing original of this piece, the Victory of Samothrace late 3rd early 2nd century BC, is one of the most famous, yet most intriguing, works in the Louvre Museum. Unknown still, yet much discussed, are the name of the sculptor, the date of the work, and the origin of this striking representation of Nike, caught in a triumphant gesture of victory. The piece was discovered in 1863 on the Greek island of Samothrace in 1883 the sculpture was installed in its present spot on the Daru staircase of the Louvre Museum, where visitors continue to marvel at this monumental Hellenistic masterpiece. Alabaster base is 4.5 wide x 5 deep. This reproduction of the Winged Victory of Samothrace is the best quality that can be found.